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MelindaCon: 20th Anniv Show Map

Brooklyn, New York - April 3rd, 2024

Here's a great video on getting out of the airport for cheap and a subway overview. If you've never been to New York, this is a must watch. Plan to use the subway as much as you can.

We've created a Google Map of the events (yellow), the nearby subway line (blue, R Line), nearby hotels and some other Points of Interest worth noting. Click the above button to go to Google Maps directly. Let us know if we missed something on the FFF Discord!

Subway & Accessibility

If you are looking into using the subway, the map details the R Line and stops for the MelindaCon events and nearby hotels. If you are looking into accessibility options for those stations, these sites list helpful details, however, it is generally considered inaccurate:

Subway & Bus Fares

There are a number of options for payment. It's currently $2.90 per trip. You tap to pay your fare with your contactless credit/debit card, smartphone, OMNY card, or pay with a MetroCard (you can buy a 7 day card that costs 12 rides, but covers 7 days. A great value if you think you'll be riding more than 12 times):
Some helpful videos on payment:
How to Use NYC Subway Tap To Pay
How To Buy A MetroCard in New York