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MelindaCon: 20th Anniversary Show

Brooklyn, New York - April 3rd, 2024

20th Anniversary Show

April 3rd, 2024 marks the 20th Anniversary of Found Footage Festival! Nick and Joe are performing live at The Bell House to commemorate this amazing event, with a special show! Once again, Melindas from all over are gathering and meeting up to attend.

What was MelindaCon?

Found Footage Festival kicked off Volume 10 of their live show! To celebrate, Melindas from all over the world (mostly within the North American section of said world) descended upon Brooklyn, New York, the weekend of August 19th & 20th 2023 to celebrate this momentous occasion. MelindaCon was a Melinda-driven fever dream, a passion project, to gather together and celebrate the magic that is Found Footage Festival.

Stay Connected!

If you missed MelindaCon, or are curious about the 20th Anniversary Show, join our Facebook Group and see what amazing things occurred/will happen. We'll see you at the 20th Anniversary Show!
Facebook not your thing? If you are interested in joining a mailing list, send an email to joby {at} foundfootagefest.com and he'll add you to his super special contact list for keeping you in the loop for the 20th Anniversary Show!

"If we had been prepared, we could have done better."
- MelindaCon "Staff"

FFF 20th Anniversary Show

7:30pm (Doors at 7pm)

The Bell House
149 7th Street (Between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

"I'm glad you recapped that because I have not been paying attention at all."
-Joe (SMC - Galaxy High)

Melinda Meetups

April 2nd, 2024

overlord at Mama Tried

Time: overlord 9-10pm

Location: Mama Tried
787 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232

overlord's playing with Freaky Wilderness at Mama Tried to release a cassingle because it's always 1988 somewhere. Pre-order The Well-Tempered T-Shirt now and pick it up there! (or wait for it to get shipped out later) Stop by if you're in town the night before the 20th Anniversary show. We're all sure to have a Melindific time!

  • It's no tickets/no cover.
  • Cassingle is available in link below. Pre-order for pickup, or have it delivered.

April 3rd, 2024

Post-Show Open House

About an hour after the show

Location: FFF Office
117 9th Street #102 (entrance on 2nd)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

The guys are going to open up the office after the show for Melindas. Give them some time to sell merch and break things down, then head over to the office for an informal gathering. Depending on weather, we may frantically attempt to save the tapes from flooding... but fingers crossed!